Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find your inventory?

We source most of the items from Florida, but we have buyers who also find items for us in other states. Dovetails has several buyers who are constantly looking for unique pieces.

Are all your pieces vintage? 

All the pieces are unique items that are no longer in production. We have items ranging from the 1920s to late 1990s.

How do you ship large items?

We have multiple ways to ship large items. We have shippers we use regularly to ship all over the US. These shippers typically give us good rates because the volume we ship with them. We also use Greyhound Package Express. If an item is small enough, we use Fedex, UPS or USPS. We will find the best shipping option for you. Let us figure out the shipping for you. 

Do you rent items for events, filming or photography?

Yes, contact with items you are interested in for pricing options and shipping. 

How do you clean the vintage furniture? 

Depending on the item will determine the cleaning method. However, everything we us is nontoxic. We start by using compressed air to blow out hard to reach area, then wipe everything down with a water cloth. We sometimes use a dry eraser for scuff marks. If a piece needs reconditioning, we use linseed oil. 

Can I use one of my shippers to pick up the item? 

Absolutely, we have worked with many clients and their shippers. Just let us know that's what you would prefer. 

Did you find your answer?

If not, contact us on the Contact tab and we will answer. 


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